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Online Result Checking

This makes computation of termly and annual results very easy and fast by just inputting the student cumulative scores, then you can leave the rest for the application to do the work for you within a second. It prevents human errors. Example: miscalculation of cumulative scores in the result sheet.

Online Computer Based Test

This helps the students to prepare for any Computer Based Test, by making them get used to computer in writing their class assessments or examination. This makes them to enjoy the e-learning method by given them the privilege to view their corrections after taken the test or examinations.

Online Accounting Software

This helps the school owner to easily monitor all payments made by the students at any point in time. It also helps the school bursar to easily save and retrieve all payments record at a click of a button. Examples: Total number of students who has paid completely, paid part payment and not paid.

News & Events

We are happy to announce that parents can now check their children's termly and annual result from our school website using scratch card.

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